Assisting With Life Decisions

Paragon provides assistance to relocating employees and their families, anyone who is moving,
those needing home financing and individuals requiring eldercare services. Let us help you.

Paragon Global Resources, Inc. is the holding company for three subsidiaries dedicated to meeting the needs of corporations and their relocating employees, consumers in general through all stages in life, and companies looking to outsource business processes. We provide mobility consulting, domestic and international relocation, global assignment management, voluntary benefits at no cost to the company, real estate and moving and eldercare services.

Joseph Morabito is the founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Paragon Global Resources, Inc. Recognized as an industry leader, Mr. Morabito has more than 35 years of Management Consulting and related industry experience. In 1987, Mr. Morabito founded Premier Decision Management, as a division of Premier Relocation Services, a Weyerhaeuser Company, to provide corporate mobility consulting services. In 1991, Mr. Morabito implemented a leveraged buyout to create Paragon Relocation and later added Paragon Home Resources (PHR) and, more recently, Paragon Financial Resources (PFR) to the Paragon family of companies. We formed these new companies to position our firm for the next ten years. To learn more about Mr. Morabito and Paragon Global Resources’ leadership team, click here.

At all Paragon companies, we value our clients and customers and strive to turn our business relationships into long-term partnerships founded on mutual respect, genuine caring, laser focus on results and an unwavering commitment to customer service. Our approach puts our clients and customers first, ahead of all else, and ensures that we provide the services they need, when and where they need them.